Friday, August 15, 2008



"People from the Negev will occupy
the mountains of Easu,
and people from the foothills will possess
the land of the Philistines.
They will occupy the fields of Ephraim and Samaria,
and Benjamin will possess Gilead.

This company of Israelite exiles who are in Canaan
will possess the land as far as Zaraphath;
the exiles from Jerusalem who are in Sepharad
will possess the towns of the Negev.
Deliverers will go up on Mount Zion
t0 govern the mountains of Easu.

And the kingdom will be the Lord's."

I Wonder...

If the wise men of the Edomites, who thought they were making "wise" decisions ever thought they would end up non-existant???

I wonder if the leaders of our country, who are trying to make "wise" decisions, are learning from the lessons from Obadiah??? We must pray for God fearing leaders of our nation to make decision that would honor God and his people. The consequences are staggering!

These are the 4 points to remember from this little book of the Old Testament.

1. Evil will certainly be punished.
2. Those faithful to God have hope for a new future.
3. God is sovereign in human history.
4. God's ultimate purpose is to establish his eternal kingdom.

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