Thursday, July 7, 2011

Love is not RUDE

My mother taught me not to be rude to others. Rudeness comes from our words and actions and is offensive to others. Sometimes we can even be rude by simply being silent. It comes from bitterness in our own hearts and tends to leave bitterness in someone else's heart. It is hurtful, selfish, and brings NO glory to God Almighty. It takes thought, and self-control to overcome such bitterness. It takes time and maturity to improve oneself not to be rude.

The better way is to think of what your words or actions would feel like if someone spoke or acted that way towards you. Honor one another above yourself. If possible and it depends on you live at peace with one another. Love one another in words and actions, and when you feel that bitterness building up inside remember "Love is not rude."

It can be said that I would not have to be rude if the other person didn't act that way first. I ask you, who is the bigger person? Who is the child of God? Always remember your Heavenly Father is watching you. Start today by ending rudeness of all kinds.

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