Monday, July 21, 2008

Packing things up in New York

I arrived at my childhood home on Saturday and have been getting things organized, and began packing today to bring my Mom back to Texas to live near me. She is handling everything in her usual flexible manner. I just imagine myself in another 30 years having to let go of things that are wrapped around my heart.

She wanted to keep special pictures that the kids created for her 20 years ago. We reduced 15 photo albums to a pile for each member of the family, and still there were at least 3 boxes with pictures and photo albums. Family memories are priceless, everything else you can buy at WalMart!

Just tonight while my brother and his family were up here, a fawn and her mama were feeding & frolicing in the back yard as the sun was going down. A hummingbird was buzzing around the feeder at the same time. I will truely miss the rural area. Highwoods will be a place that holds the memories of my life growing up, not fancy for being in New York, but it was a great place to raise 5 kids in a wholesome manner.

I count my blessings, as we lived on Church Road. An ever reminder that the Lord was always near, even as a child. Please pray for my sister-in-law JoMary who is having some female complications. Pray for Mom's health and my strength as we make this move. Pray for our whole family who are supportive from afar.

I will be sending some pictures, in my free time!

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