Thursday, August 28, 2008

Micah 3

v. 1
"Listen, you leaders Of Jacob,
you rulers of the house of Israel.
Should you not know justice,
you who hate good and love evil;
who tear the sin from my people and flesh from their bones;
who eat my people's flesh,
strip off their skin and break their bones in pieces;
who chop them like meat for the pan,
like flesh for the pot?

Then they will cry out to the Lord,
but he will not answer them.
At that time he will hide his face from them
because of the evil they have done.

Hear this you leaders of the house of Jacob,
you rulers of the house of Israel,
who despise justice
and distort all that is right.
Her leaders judge for a bribe
her priests teach for a price,
and her prophets tell fortunes for money.
Yet they lean upon the Lord and say,
'Is not the Lord among us?
No disaster will come upon us."

WARNING to Leaders
Micah warned the leaders, priests, and prophets
of his day to avoid wrong teachings,
avoid pride & selfish desires, avoid taking bribes,
Not all those who claim to have messages
from God really do! Micah prophesied that one day
the false prophets would be shamed by their action

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