Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Haggai 2

"This is what the Lord of Armies says: Ask the priests for a decision. Suppose a person carries meat set aside for a holy purpose and he folds it up in his clothes. If his clothes touch bread, boiled food, wine, oil, or any kind of food, does that make the food holy?

The priests answered, 'No.'

Haggai asked, 'Suppose a person becomes unclean by touching a corpse. If he touches any of these things, does that make them unclean?'

The priests answered, 'That makes them unclean.'

Then Haggai answered, 'In the same way, I have decided that these people are unclean, and so is this nation, declares the Lord. So is everything they do. Whatever offering they bring is unclean."

Spaghetti Sauce!

I watch Charlie & Libby eat spaghetti sauce
and very soon their face, hands, and clothing is stained red.
Sin and selfish attitudes produce the same result.
They stain everything they touch.
Even good deeds done for God
can be tainted by sinful attitudes.
The cleanser that removes all sin is God alone!
(Zout may work for spaghetti stains,
but God is our remedy for cleansing our lives.)
One more thought
Holiness will not rub off on others,
but contamination will!!!

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