Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Zechariah 1

According to my commentary

God revealed himself to Zechariah through 8 visions at night ***

*** He see messengers reporting to God that the surrounding nations that have oppressed Judah are living in careless and sinful ways

ch 1: 7-17
Israel was asking, 'Why isn't God punishing the wicked? Wicked nations may propser, but not forever. God will bring upon them the judgment they deserve.

***Zechariah sees 4 horns, representing the 4 world powers that oppressed and scatttered the people of Judah and Israel. Then he sees 4 craftsmen who will throw down the horns.


God will do what he promised. After the evil nations have carried out his will in punishing his people. God will destroy those nations for their sin.

God's Word Endures Forever
We must continue to read, study and apply
what is preserved for us in Scriptures.
Learn these lessons, and don't be discouraged
by those who oppress you or put you down.
God will lift you up in His time, just remain faithful.

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