Saturday, October 11, 2008

Charlie & Libby this week

Charlie & Libby playtime

Although Charlie is walking, he loves to get down and crawl with Libby.

Their favorite interactive game is chasing one another.

Unfortunately this fun play time ended in a Charlie crash!

My mom would always say this

(when all 5 of us kids would be running & laughing)

"you better stop now, before someone gets hurt!"

Of course it all ended when someone got hurt.

Sorrry Charlie!

Turn up the volumn and listen to Libby's jibber-jabber.

She has full conversations with herself when everyone is talking.

Charlie does the same.

They have a language I have yet to translate,

but they seem to know what they are saying!

Charlie has rythm!

He loves this little chair which plays a different song

everytime he sits down.

He is quite an entertainer!!!

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