Thursday, January 13, 2011

Psalm 36

5 Your love, LORD, reaches to the heavens,
your faithfulness to the skies.

6 Your righteousness is like the highest mountains,
your justice like the great deep.
You, LORD, preserve both people and animals.

7 How priceless is your unfailing love, O God!
People take refuge in the shadow of your wings.

8 They feast on the abundance of your house;
you give them drink from your river of delights.

9 For with you is the fountain of life;
in your light we see light.

10 Continue your love to those who know you,
your righteousness to the upright in heart.


O God, how gracious you are unto me. I consider who you are and who I am, such a vast difference. With such knowledge in mind, I know what a Big God you are to completely know my words before they are on my tongue. I pray you are not dissappointed in my life, but that you would examine my heart and know that I earnestly desire to live the spiritual life I was created for.

I dwell in the shelter of the Most High and rest in the shadow of the Almighty. You are my Rock and my Fortress, in you I completely put my trust. Praise be to My God Forever and ever!!!

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